About Us
90 Years Ago

Almost 90 years ago in the mid 1920's Gene (Richard's father) designed, built and serviced several large bank chains vaults, doors, safes, safety deposit boxes and other banking equipment. Since then many of the family secrets in the area of metal restoration have dated back to this era. Richard started working in this trade in the late 1940's when he was only eight years old. In his early twenties he attended Bradley, a prestigious jewelers, art and watch making university in Peoria, Illinois.

Lost Art

While attending Bradley university preparing for service work in the bank security field, he took a fancy to hand engraving and the freehand artwork connected to this has become a lost art most, engraving is now done by machines. Then in 1970 Richard chose his career where his father left off, starting his own business in the banking industry. Cleaning, servicing and maintaining bank security equipment, special projects in metal restoration was his main sideline as well as his fathers.

The Sons

Lancing, Nathan and Michael started working in the business in the early 1980's. In 1986 the family decided to switch their main market from the bank to the hotel industry, servicing several large hotel chains and the cruise line industry for the last 15 years in the metal maintenance arena. The family has also worked in the art field over the last 40 years restoring several sculptures and large statues around the United States. All of the specialized professional work performed in this century has made them superior metallurgist and top notch artisan consultants in many commercial and artistic fields.