As craftsman and artisans, the goal is to accomplish high quality results. In order for this to happen here is a number of our company's strong points. We transport our portable shop to the jobsite wherever that may be, and perform hands on restoration. Several techniques are applied that range from the use of hand to large power tools and buffing equipment. Our finishing method is only "DRY" using various polishing abrasives to achieve oxidation removal, eliminating most of the scratches and pits, then applying a factory finish.

Special lacquer

After we finish restoring the metal we spray specially designed exterior and interior clear lacquers. This technique seals off the polished metal surfaces for a lasting and protective finish. This special acrylic clear lacquer is designed to expand and contract with severe changes in temperatures, which will not peel, chip, or crack off the metal surface. We also have other coatings for special applications within harsh environments.

20 Years

You will find that most of our finishes last up to 20 years, (depending on the variables involved) if the metal is not in a high traffic area. Our whole operation is fairly clean.

Dry Method

We ultimately use the "DRY" method, reducing the chances of contamination in the pores of the metal before the laquering process is complete. Being such that this type of work can be so physically demanding and the end results so hard and long, only the best equipment, materials and supplies, not to mention methods and procedures are adopted in the use of these restoration endeavors. As a professional metal maintenance refinishing team, working directly with you and your company, we would have more control in consulting, monitoring, and scheduling. We also make ourselves available for coaching, training and demonstrating our quality products and professional techniques, to better equip your organization in the on going high metal maintenance problems. You would have on your team a family business who cares about the appearance of your metal, and the continual maintenance of it.